Interview with Mikel Azcona, Young pilot cars

Motor Locos has had the pleasure of interviewing the young navarro pilot is highlighting in the complicated world of cars. Mikel, just 18 years old, is proving a lot in recent years and its progression is still amazing. We'll see where it is able to reach, although we have no doubt it will be far.

Having started in karting, pilot cars and now is living his dream of racing. It goes very well on its way.

LdM: Mikel, Could you explain briefly generally and began your career?

MA: My career starts at 6 years old when my father buys us a kart to my brother and me. From there we started going every weekend to ride the three kart, hobby. It is in the next year (with 7 years old) when we begin to compete in regional championships.

Mikel Azcona victory Clio childLdM: Have you tried karting, cars and endurance championships, In what discipline you learn more?

MA: Three different disciplines in which you learn many new things, is true that karting is a very good school for the formation of a pilot, and my way through the cars have also learned a lot, but I think there are always things to learn.


LdM: How do you prepare the races? What do before them?

MA: During the year I physically prepared to be fit in every race because it is very demanding, and before every race I like to watch videos “On-board” my circuit on which I run, analyze the entire circuit well to take the freshest possible for the race.


LdM: Is it true for you the: on track no friends?

MA: For me if it is true that once we're all on track, each of us want to win and there is so much rivalry in a race I think there is no friends, yes, backcountry is different.


Mikel Azcona Seat LeonLdM: Many pilots consider the Formula 1 as the top for a pilot, Do you have the same opinion?

MA: That was my dream small, get into F1, but when you get older and you start to realize how hard it is to get to that level and will removing this goal because it is virtually impossible. My goal or dream today is to run in the WTCC (World Championship cars) as official driver for any brand.


LdM: What has been the highlight of your racing career so far?

MA: My best time was last year when they were runners-up in Europe in our first year of participation in the championship with great riders there.


LdM: You have shown great progress in recent months, Do you think you can get to live motorsport?

AUTO - WSR PAUL RICARD 2014MA: The fact that this year has been spectacular and have progressed and learned a lot, for me would be a dream to live motorsport because it is what I have been trying since the 6 years and is part of my life.


LdM: Do you think you may get away with just talent or without a great sponsor support is impossible?

MA: I think the talent is essential to get away, by many sponsors you have not get very far.


Mikel Azcona Clio TrophyLdM: Who is your idol or pilots admire and would like to follow in his footsteps?

MA: My idol has always been Fernando Alonso because I think it is a great driver, a born fighter and never gives up.


LdM: What are your plans for the 2015?

MA: This One 2015 let's run the Seat Leon Eurocup, together with the team and last year I ran the Clio Cup, PCR Sport. We will do our best to win the championship.


Thank you very much Mikel, and wish you much luck this season in the Seat Leon Eurocup. Hope to see you up!

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.

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