¿Cabins in F1?

With accidents in recent years in Formula 1 and other similar categories the debate on the safety of the drivers and fans is rising, and in particular of installing a cabin to protect the pilot.

Cabinas en la F1 Tata prototipoThe unfortunate accident of Jules Bianchi, Dock the head of Felipe Massa in 2009 or other losses in other categories were made of extremely bad luck, But as some say, perhaps they could be avoided in the future to close the interiors of the cars.

The FIA ​​shall decide, and the most logical thing would be to listen to the pilots but surely there will be a common view, as well as advantages and disadvantages with the different designs.

When a considerable change in car design, equipment likely oppose. Vehicles acquire fighter plane aspect and perhaps the competition would become more like the touring car.

Some ideas like creating a polycarbonate were already rejected by that in case of split would jeopardize the pilot's life. But, What if the pilot needs to be evacuated in case of collision? The cabin may slow evacuation.

Cabinas en la F1 Lotus prototipoAnother option would be to install some structure to reinforce the area, but visibility would be reduced, and even modified aerodynamics.

Some of the most important drivers hinted their opinions. For example Jenson Button was very in favor of covering the pilot, while reigning champion Lewis Hamilton had doubts. On the one hand he looks favorably for the future improved security, but on the other admitted that it is very unlikely because the category has always been characterized by having open cockpits.

Fernando Alonso said he was open to any solution and relies on technology to solve the problem in the coming years. The opposite opinion was asked drivers Nico Hulkenberg who admitted that everything should continue as before, because the motor has certain risks that all pilots know and closing some encouragement booths be lost.

Much to discuss and think for FIA. We will see that solution is reached.

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.



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Adrián Osés
Author: Adrián Osés Motorsport enthusiast and Engineering, founder and editor of Mad Engine.