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The Bugatti Chiron just around the corner

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The Geneva Motor Show 2016 to be held in March will be the place chosen by the Volkswagen group to present to substitute hypercar Bugatti. Chiron Bugatti Veyron will be the substitute, for many the best supercar ever created.

After the great success of the Veyron for more than 10 years old, he has time for retirement. Bugatti has confirmed that his successor will be presented to the public in March in Geneva. With Bugatti Chiron as the name, but with little vehicle data, definitely it is going to be one of the novelties of the year.

The hypercar has completed its development phase and has more than 150 private events after presentation to potential customers orders. As they say in the French brand, the Veyron was the most powerful car, fast, luxurious and exclusive ever made. The Chiron improve the best.
The latest concept of the brand called Vision Gran Turismo was considered by many as a vehicle fiction, but the new features Chiron will take him, so the result can not disappoint.

In the Volkswagen group are more than satisfied with the achievements of the hypercar of the French house, which it has managed to position itself as a benchmark for luxury and sportiness after breaking records and display as exclusive versions as Bugatti Legends. Precisely, one of the legends of Bugatti Veyron that was not his dedicated, It is responsible for naming his replacement. Louis Chiron was one of the pilots Bugatti late 20 and he even contest the inaugural season of Formula 1 years later. A brand managers, this name always was especially suggestive them, it also refers to a centaur of Greek mythology and fact, Bugatti and used it to refer to a previous concept to the Veyron.

Bugatti Chiron lateralIn story to the mechanical characteristics of the supercar, everything is speculation. After overcoming some difficulties in measuring the capabilities of the new model, Bugatti is believed to bet on renewing the W16 engine 8.0 liters with several electric turbochargers to overcome 1.500 hp. His greatest performance, attached to a lighter frame construction promises shoot their performance. Bugatti will definitely try to return to beat the speed record, now in possession of the Hennessey Venom GT with a mark of 432,5 kilometers / hour.

Como anécdota, the Bugatti Chiron was presented as a concept car at the Frankfurt Motor Show of the Year 2000. Prototype that was signed by Giugiario and now, 16 years later, but reality will not hit the market until late 2016 or early 2017. We are looking forward to see you.

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.

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Adrián Osés
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