Renault Clio RS 16 front side

Renault Clio RS Special Monaco

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Renault Clio RS 16 lateralRenault Sport has surprised everyone during the Grand Prix of Monaco Formula 1, and not their race results, but by the presentation of radical Renault Clio RS 16 the hand of his official driver Kevin Magnussen.

His new creation, commemorates the 40 anniversary of Renault Sport and the engine has Megane RS 275 Trophy R under the hood, with 4 cylinder supercharged 2.0 litros que produce 275 CV, madness!. Remember that Renault marked the Nurburgring lap record for front-wheel drive compact light with the Megane, but then it was beaten.

Renault Clio RS 16 motorThe less surprising truth, as it must have been difficult to accommodate the engine in the Clio Megane, for obvious reasons. They have had to widen the body in 60 mm and re-design the front to create enough space for cooling and engine. And as, wheels are 19 inches.

cushions, brakes and rear axle have also been inherited from the Megane to give extreme sportiness that Renault has planned for the Clio RS 16. I must say that big brother is more than enough to spend some of his things the little brother of the family.Renault Clio RS 16 vinilos Renault Sport

If you are planning to do with one unit the thing is not easy because currently only exist 2 manufactured units. A prototype yellow and black unit that has been used for development testing. If Renault decides to take it to series production, certainly it will be a good replacement for the powerful Clio V6 few years ago. Everything indicates that if it goes into production, unos 45,000 € fault that will buy some.

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.

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