The sketch to the final vehicle in 1400 days

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The process of creating a new vehicle is complex and expensive, and manufacturers often need some 4 years for release (satisfactory or not) of his new creation.

SEAT Ateca lateral delanteraIt all starts with a paper and a pen, and ends at the final vehicle through several key steps.

First, the guidelines of the new model are defined by creating the plan that will define the process. Like any plan, it will have checkpoints to check that everything is on track.

Once the plan defined, the first sketches are evolving to define the final design will be reproduced on the production lines.

Computer-aided design is the next tool to enter course. Se vuelven a recrear los bocetos digitalmente para dar volumen al futuro vehículo, and for technical monitoring of the same.

SEAT Ateca en un caminoThe famous clay model is the next phase of the project. This life-size model weighs four tons, twice as a conventional car. It serves to physically recreate the exterior design, and it is constantly altered to adapt to changes. This process is carried out with craftsmen and smoothing hand shape model accurately.

When the model is approved, it freezes not modify it. It seems a totally real car, and SEAT recognizes that can be used to 5.000 kilos of clay throughout the process until it freezes.

Creating paint colors is a complex process with many test and market research and trends to choose the final colors will be available to customers. They are usually 12 the selected colors.

SEAT Ateca interior salpicaderoThe development of the seats is important, because customers demand the best qualities and finishes as well as safety and comfort. Because, the technical team prepares patterns with the sewing machine with the most suitable material combinations.

To end, the interior design has to focus on being useful and effective. The touch screen to control the different features and configurations of the car is the most important, from it the locations of other elements are decided.

And to summarize all the information, we leave you with the video of the development of the new SEAT Ateca, the less interesting:

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.

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