The Volkswagen Beetle fastest in the world

When we talk about a Volkswagen vehicle and a speed record, Scarcely anyone would think think of a Beetle. It could be a Golf, a Scirocco, a Passat, a polo shirt, … It could be anyone, but ¿Beetle?

volkswagen-beetle-lsr-1As well, although hard to believe one Beetle has reached a record maximum speed reached by a spectacular Beetle, with 328 km / h thanks to the special preparation 550 the Beetle model called LSR.

It has taken place in the United States, particularly in the Great Salt Lake Bonneville (Utah) during the event known as World of Speed. An event of great fame in the United States where we can see several with speed follies starring.

volkswagen-beetle-lsr-2To try to get this record, many aspects of LSR have been modified Beetle, including the TSI engine 2,0 generating liter supercharged 550 CVs. Introducing new pistons were included, modifications cylinder heads, new turbo, inter alia. The pair is spectacular 571 Nm.

Of course, to improve performance, body approached the soil salt, and special tires were chosen to fly over the salt desert. An improved differential contributed to improve traction. For security, special bars, sport seat and extinguishing system, They add to the 2 braking parachute to slow the German missile.

A shame not to have live video that has not been revealed yet, but we have the most outstanding images:

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.

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Adrián Osés
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