Mercedes dares with the concept X-Class

Mercedes-Benz has decided to expand horizons and taught his new concept for the segment of the pick-ups, we refer to the Concept X-Class will hit the market late next year (2017).

mercedes-benz-concept-x-class-blanco-delanteraThe German manufacturer will become the first premium brand that is committed to launching a model “pick-up”. For many it will be a gamble, but we remember the bet Nissan with Qashqai revolutionized the automobile market with the arrival of the first SUV.

If the bet comes out fairly well to Mercedes-Benz, its competitors will soon get down to work to compete face to face, if not it already…

mercedes-benz-concept-x-class-2-amarillo-lateralA great investment bear fruit waiting focusing on European markets, South America, Australia and South Africa. And two variants of the model, with a clear message: the first pick-up premium real.

Mercedes says its X-Class will have a powerful engine, will provide great comfort for its occupants and ensure excellent security. Also, as we said, They will be sold 2 X-Class variants. The first is the “X-Class powerful adventurer” you will have all the strengths of the classic pick-ups: robust, functional, strong and off-road capabilities. mercedes-benz-concept-x-class-blanco-traseraThe second variant, the “X-Class stylish explorer” will go one step ahead with the Mercedes touch that will distinguish among its competitors with design premium, comfort, excellent dynamics and optimum safety.

Traction to 4 Wheel, the high torque, engine 6 cylinder design steps for the occupants in the vehicle will enter “mandatory” in all variants according to Mercedes, so ideas are clear.

The interiors maintain the quality and modernity of the brand, and multimedia components will be the last to give a premium feel to the occupant. mercedes-benz-concept-x-class-interiorThe designs play with contrasts to create modern luxury and stylish.

As usual in recent years, Mercedes-Benz will cooperate with the Renault-Nissan group to produce its Class X, hence production for European markets, South African and Australian will take place at Nissan's plant in Barcelona. The plant that Renault has in Córdoba (Argentina) It will be responsible for producing the X-Class for the South-American market since early 2018.

mercedes-benz-concept-x-class-2-amarillo-frontalWith the Class X, Daimler and the Renault-Nissan alliance expand their strategic cooperation that started ago 6 years old. It's a great way to ensure a quick market entry using resources efficiently in a segment that can provide good numbers for all involved in the alliance.

Nissan has extensive experience in the manufacture of this type of vehicle, plus, the X-Class will improve production efficiencies factories Nissan and Renault. A great strategy of Mercedes and Renault-Nissan. We'll see how it going.

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.

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Adrián Osés
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