Volkswagen T4 Multivan 2.5

Today we'll talk about the boom VW Bulli, and these lines are the dedicate to the Volkswagen T4 Multivan, which in recent years are booming, the versatility they provide and because to buy new do you need to sell a kidney (the second hand market soars).

1In 1990 It appears on the market the fourth generation of the VW Transporter, maintaining this body to 2003, receiving end of 1995 a re-styling leaving a much more aggressive front and rounded, accompanied by a dash over car and commercial vehicle less. powertrains are offered 4 gas cylinders, diesel and turbo diesel, in the same way 5 cylinders and having the possibility of purchasing 6 VR6 cylinder gasoline version. Within transmissions was the front or drive 4 wheels under the name of Syncro. 2You get strength by manual gearbox 5 speeds or automatic 4 speeds. Inside the body we can also opt for short or long wheelbase taking 40 cm difference between them, and the height, can choose high ceiling, would become a 50 higher cms. To all this it also allows different versions with different interior finishes as well as some exterior detail, would Transporter, Caravelle, Multivan y California.

3Today we will write about most beloved and sought Engine, as well as the best selling (ACV), a diesel five-cylinder engine with which to start a terrible reputation for reliability, strength and low consumption. We can see the streets still circulating with over half a million of these engines kms. 2500cc turbocharged and intercooled a ridiculous disastrously placed on top of the engine, provide the set 102cv power with maximum torque 250nm respond well enough for normal driving, let's get loaded or relocate the air conditioner plugged. 4It is true that these engines with other optimization software reprogramming or render significantly more, not being envying the response of a normal car in front of a van of these. Chicanery as boring small flowmeter with a 2mm drill make a noticeable difference, It is made to bypass the air circuit within the flowmeter and makes the hot wire to cool faster.

5Focusing on the model we have today between hands, being also I like personally, It is a VW T4 Multivan 2.5 102hp manual 5 speeds. Thanks to its versatility extends to us a wide range of possibilities. Two separate front seats with armrests on both sides, two central seats looking back in the same way with armrests and 3 shaped rear bench seats that turn into beds using a luggage compartment tray with its corresponding mattress. We are surprised seating comfort bed sleeping, thanks to the luggage compartment tray and mattress can sleep lying leg (an advantage that the next model will come as T5 option and not standard). 6With the bed collection, we can get a table on the left side and join an auxiliary light that we have at the top. The sliding windows on the sides help us clear the smell of tiger if we want to stay overnight. Hopefully we will see in some versions stationary heating, most Eberspächer brand, We can also find Webasto, or maybe some other. This makes the van as a place to sleep at night, with possibilities to program times and temperatures according formats. When opening the tailgate we tray with said mattress and a zone of lower load than enough to put 3 large suitcases, we can always use the upper well as cargo area. In the unlikely event that we need more space, we may choose to move the seats, even unmount, and thus it we become a genuine cargo van.

7Once we sat in the place of the pilot, we have a first contact with a high driving position, with a seat somewhat soft but with a lumbar grip that makes it comfortable to drive. A long lever changes but short enough soft feel and power steering make the simplest maneuvers. Mechanically we found a van with good response, no strange noises and a maximum posted speed 157km / h, you do not need us to test. Despite its weight and height, It is a vehicle that handles well in corners and also comes equipped with ABS system that works perfectly when we find a firm in unfavorable conditions. These models pecan much of N75 regulating valve and turbo management in the event of failure, we notice a marked loss of strength. Another typical problem is the vacuum pump, a sound similar to a metal caps idle betrays him, treading the brake will shut repeatedly. 8First it manifested in noise, then stop to function vacuum, we may find in some cases with problems in the brake booster. The model that we walk has none of these flaws. After the test drive we got a good taste.

Regarding the price of these models, due to demand spate of such vehicles, prices have also grown, They have always been sought after and paid models, and now we can see 10.000 € models in good condition, Clearly, if we opted for a Transporter without A / A we can pay less, and if you are looking is a California ... .We have to drop a few more to qualify for green purchasing.

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Adrián Osés
Author: Adrián Osés Motorsport enthusiast and Engineering, founder and editor of Mad Engine.