Rafa Nadal: tenis vs Kia Stinger

Since 2004, Rafa Nadal, the number 1 tennis world is the flagship of the Korean brand Kia and not hesitate to use his image to work intelligently in marketing the brand and increase market share.

Rafa Nadal KIA StingerIn the last commercial brand, KIA undergoes a curious test the Spanish champion. They place a system with a heart rate monitor and relevant sensors to monitor keystrokes tennis. First to measure “heartbeat” Rafa within tracks Open Australia, and then when Nadal at the wheel of the new KIA Stinger is placed and performs a test of performance of the new Korean beast.

What do you think that will rise more keystrokes Idol? It is difficult to guess before seeing the end of the video. The greatest passion of tennis against great sensations at the wheel of a large vehicle…complicated. Better watch the video to find out for sure:

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.


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Adrián Osés
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