Quadskis amphibians for water and land

quads, motorcycles and jet skis are generally recreational items, since they do not usually normal means of transport. quadskiWe mean that whoever has one of them, also usually it has a main vehicle that is normally a car or even a boat, and quads, motorcycles and jet skis are the vehicles for “Sunday”.

Having one of them is perhaps, relatively affordable, but have more than one not so much. To avoid this little hiccup, the quadskis are a good solution. They consist of an amphibious vehicle that can travel both on land and water. quadski en tierraA quad and a jetski in a single vehicle. The idea sounds good, Huh?

Better to see in situ and go taking ideas and that surely comes into your head, and you have to check to see if your economy leave the accounts to acquire one of these quadskis. With 2 Seating is a great option for couples, so the price can also be divided between 2.

There goes the video so that you begin to ask yourselves the opportunity to acquire one:

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.

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Adrián Osés
Author: Adrián Osés Motorsport enthusiast and Engineering, founder and editor of Mad Engine.