Sea water to move a limousine

The title of our post sounds impossible, but it is not. Today we are going to teach a limousine whose mobility generates seawater. It is not a science fiction film nor are we kidding.

Quant movilidad con agua de marIs called “As”, It is a sports limousine and does not use any fuel, yes, no fuel! This assumes that one of the major expenses of a vehicle is completely eliminated, and also it is not contaminated each time the drive is switched.

It works with water as we said, inexhaustible source on our planet, so that first pint perfect. Uses electrolysis to get feed its batteries causing seawater ions react and stored to ensure power and autonomy. 4 Battery, one for each wheel, ensure constant and permanent energy.

Quant movilidad con agua de mar 2Capable of walking 0 a 100 km/h en 2,8 seconds, and numbers (at least theoretical) frankly good autonomy beating market electric current. Total 600 continuous kilometers of energy that are not bad. Similar to the autonomy of many vehicles with gasoline engines.

The tip speed is also amazing, but surely that to be achieved, low autonomy as fast as the fuel tank of the current supercars at that speed. 350 km / h to the delight of the driver and occupants (perhaps in the).

How could it be otherwise, connectivity is a “must” in new generation vehicles, Quant and it can be handled by mobile phone using your own application. Virtually anything inside the car can be operator control / adjustment from Mobile. Interestingly though perhaps too much for the user.

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.

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Adrián Osés
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