New Mercedes A-Class Sedan

The new Class A Mercedes-Benz is already a reality, and now we will be able to enjoy a sedan version. Thus a priori everything suggests that Mercedes wants to follow in the footsteps of Audi A3 and the sedan model so good feeling is leaving.

Mercedes-Benz Clase A Sedan delanteraThe second version of the compact class, and fourth as Class A since 2 They were first minivan. And with longer to cover the small chink market variant that Mercedes was not able to get. Honestly it is to wonder whether this strategic move was necessary. As always there will be divided opinions.

The new Class Sedan (and saloon also clear) surely have your audience and clientele, thanks to renovations of equipment and technology upgrade. Mercedes-Benz Clase A Sedan lateralIt highlights its increasing size and tactile and easy to use screens that replace the current data markers.

First of all, Mercedes commitment to intuitive operation and improving their design lines. Front and back are modified to suit the times, with interesting LED headlights and tail lights most dynamic. Mercedes-Benz Clase A Sedan traseraWe say this because the rear lights before stealing trunk space, and now they divided between the tailgate and the body to maximize space.

The sedan version certainly could be confused with other models like the CLA or variants of C, But there's no problem, as this is becoming common in several brands that dominate the market with countless options to maximize sales, and therefore their benefits.

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.

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Adrián Osés
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