electrical conversion for E-Type

Electric vehicles are booming, but also the transformations of classic electric vehicles and today we will talk about one of them. The special Jaguar E-Type has received approval to be transformed into electricity.

Jaguar E-Type Zero 2News that makes classic and future combine to give a great result, at least a priori. The E-Type lose its essence and sound great engine characteristic, but will gain in energy efficiency and zero emissions. The most beautiful electric vehicle world, for many lovers of this classic at least.

Already unveiled the concept in 2017, el Jaguar E-Type Zero concept, but now the brand has given the OK to enter and exit production transformed into a vehicle “friendly to the environment” which will keep its classic design and will probably remain adept at sweet for collectors of vehicles.

Jaguar E-Type restauración 1The combination of brand experience in vehicle restoration, and the great power development carried out mainly in the groundbreaking I-PACE, sn great incentive to roll over them. Also, We say that the electrical restoration completely reversible, and the E-type body will remain unchanged, at least outside, so long as the car is stationary will continue looking like one of the most sought after classic market.

The first units are expected to be delivered in summer 2020, so id starting to save if you see clear. There is no doubt that having an E-Type is special, and being electric perhaps even more.

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.

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Adrián Osés
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