Lynk & Co, great debut

In this competitive world it is too complicated to start a business in a market full of options and succeed in the attempt. This is the case of the new Swedish car brand Lynk & Co, which he has sold nothing more and nothing less than 120.414 cars in 2018, all the Chinese market.

In a space 3 years old, the Swedish brand has gone from being a concept born in Gothenburg (Sweden), to become the brand of cars fastest growing worldwide. To mark this total has come to open 221 dealers in China. Not bad.

The truth that has great merit, not only for a place on the hard automotive market, but also do so directly in the country where vehicles can be sold, and working “to the counter”. Instead of being Chinese products which extend to Europe, Lynk & Co has succeeded in extending European product in the Asian giant.

The following is already making the leap to Europe and Europe, and truth that have their act together. First make for a less demanding market in terms of vehicle safety and quality in order to strengthen production, and once reached a standard, make the jump to Europe to try to compete you to you with the best. Another advantage to buying a vehicle Lynk & CO S , by manufacturer, that their vehicles are wheeled smartphones given its great connectivity and dynamism.

The idea that lead is different from what we are used. Instead of having thousands of combinations of equipment and a wide range of models to choose from, They opt for more closed models in options with little price difference between basic and top end, and a model segment. Dealers actually are shops where vehicles are already buying rather than order them, and also they have activities for the buyer and his family, as a cafe-bar, a movie theater and a playground for children.

Parts of the continent chosen for its European expansion are Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Stockholm, London and Barcelona. We will see that they will.

For some it could be a Chinese brand, and have Volvo as its base work. It is actually the Chinese giant Geely (as Volvo), but its products are developed in Sweden, and they will soon be produced in Europe also. Currently only manufactured in China to supply that market, a clever strategy. bets as they will go Allowed.

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.

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Adrián Osés
Author: Adrián Osés Motorsport enthusiast and Engineering, founder and editor of Mad Engine.