The importance of air conditioning

We all know that when buying a car have more and more things that we can consider as manufacturers offer a wider range of features and options that years ago, and then there are other things that we do not choose, and take for basic.

Certain things that years ago were extra equipment, but now come standard even the most affordable models. One is air conditioned, depending on the place of the world where you are, It is very, very important.

It is very likely that brands already include standard that is closely related to security, and safety must come first if they want to continue selling vehicles. It is estimated that up to 17 % accidents occur due to the high temperatures which means that 1 in 6 It could be avoided with the use of the system.

Excess temperature directly influences the driver commits more mistakes at a higher temperature inside the cabin and feels like it even if it led under the influence of alcohol when the temperature is very high, Therefore I will explain how the cooling system and the importance of having always operative works.

The objective of the system is to decrease the temperature exiting the fan inside the vehicle, How do you get? To this end and that everyone understands, the air conditioning system heats the outside to cool the interior. Subtracts thermal energy to indoor air to give to the outside, and during this process, the liquid refrigerant changes state by absorbing and releasing energy.

Parts of the system are several, the compressor being one of them. A transmission belt helps the engine drives the compressor, which creates a pressure which causes the refrigerant from flowing along the pipes. Normally we notice a power loss to the switch on the air conditioning system, and this is the reason why occurs, because the engine has to transmit another extra movement.

It should be borne in mind that when the refrigerant is compressed, ends warming, and so we capacitor that is responsible for cooling the coolant and prevent over pressure in the circuit. The condenser is only a heat exchanger having an electric fan, which forces the air stream to cross it, causing the refrigerant to cool and decrease the pressure, expelling the heat that had accumulated. As a result, heat and returns refrigerant is drawn to its initial state.

Another thing to keep in mind, the refrigerant expands when heated, and that the pressure switch goes into action, which is responsible for calculating the pressure in the circuit and command when to stop the fan of the condenser or the compressor. It's basically who commands depending on how the system is.

As in most systems, We have a filter that removes moisture from the refrigerant and stops any substance or material that wants to enter the system. Important Do not drag the cooling water or other substances as they could damage the system in any of the many times that the refrigerant travels the air conditioning circuit.

The coolant also passes through the expansion valve which has an installed probe to regulate passing it to the evaporator, depending on its temperature. On one side of the valve the pressure is high, to the other side is low, this allows the coolant to cool and changes state from liquid to gas. Al final, the refrigerant flows through the evaporator, where it meets with the air coming from the fan. The air cools and comes to us doing more pleasant to be inside the vehicle.

To be clear we show this video:

If any component is damaged you, do not hesitate to replace it. The second hand market is fine, and it is for your safety.

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.

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Adrián Osés
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