Interview with Iñaki Cano, F1 presenter Movistar

Today we are fortunate to tell the interview that we have done to one of the partners that enable us to enjoy Formula 1 as we do through television. F1 presenter Movistar, Iñaki Cano Martínez, We answered some questions:

LdM: 1- The family tradition seems to have led you to sports journalism, Do you think so?
IC: Yes and no.Sí profession because I lived at home. The good part and the bad part. I was always dazzled. But I tell you that my parents never told me devote myself to this. The opposite. I have always supported but when I told them I would dedicate this, his response was "You, boy, assholes are "so complicated it is to live journalism.

LdM: 2- Was it an advantage or a disadvantage having a father and a mother dedicated to radio / tv and press ahead to become a sports journalist?
IC: Disadvantage because no matter what you do and how you do you will always look at me suspiciously. Always. We are also así.Y advantage, course. The things I've lived for being family I am, not many people have lived. Aside from having access to the knowledge of my parents real journalistic situations that they are not taught in college.

LdM: 3- Besides Movistar F1 you have been with the NBA? Which of the 2 Like most sports?
IC: I combine the two sports. Monday through Friday NBA Day, Generation Wednesday with NBA and weekends GP with MOVISTAR step F1.Me it very well in both. I can not choose.

LdM: 4- The work environment with Pedro, Antonio, Toni and other collaborators looks like a group of friends who are on vacation and do what they like best, Does the work I dreamed?
IC: Work on something you like with so good atmosphere we enjoy is a privilege that I hope will last much. And with those ingredients, is not working.

LdM: 5- What is the most complicated work that you have in the program? Pitlane partners / presenter / specialists like Pedro, Marc and Toni, etc.
IC: Most complicated I see is able to transmit such a technical and complex sport clearly and concisely. Each of my colleagues succeeds. And that is very difficult.

LdM: 6- Who collaborators surprises you most in your programs Movistar F1? Who do you admire most?
IC: I admire you all for some reason or another. I can not say one in particular because it would be unfair. I'm a fan of all because each plays a different work and necessary.

LdM: 7- How do you see the current F1? Emotion, years next, equal or not, etc…
IC: Well, after so many comments about how boring and such, I think that we have a run of races as entertaining. Liberty wants to make every race it is, and that does not happen from one day to another.

LdM: 8- Who is for you the best driver in the current grid? IC: Hamilton. No doubt

LdM: 9- How do you see Carlos Sainz? ¿Future rival to be reckoned to be champion of the world?
IC: It is one of the hardest workers all types of grilled. And if you're in F1 it is because he has the talent to be there. I hope to have a future car to be champion of the world.

LdM: 10- And Fernando Alonso? You see with options to re-board a Formula 1?
IC: It enrages one of the best drivers in history is not on the grid. It would be wonderful to come back with a winning car.

Iñaki thank you very much for your time and hope , at least, you continue with the same level in programs relating to Formula 1 Movistar F1. Let's keep enjoying the races!

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.

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Adrián Osés
Author: Adrián Osés Motorsport enthusiast and Engineering, founder and editor of Mad Engine.