SEAT en condiciones árticas extremas

Un vehículo y todas sus piezas tienen que ser capaces de soportar las inclemencias climatológicas durante años, sean las que sean. Temperaturas extremadamente bajas o altas, lluvia extrema o los intensos rayos del sol son sólo algunas de ellas. Para asegurarnos de que nada daña nuestro vehículo, las marcas desarrollan diversos test exhaustivos en lugares

Ferrari F40 skidding on snow

If supercars are already particularly complicated driving, especially for its great power and little used that often leads to their benefits, Imagine if they lead to adverse weather conditions. To give you an idea, Today we show how it behaves a Ferrari F40 on the snow…

Coldproof end of the new Vantage

If you want something to last and is reliable must submit a test, and if we want to guarantee supreme quality and performance above the other competitors have to face extreme test. Extreme cold, hot, or weather conditions that occur only in a handful of places on our planet, But yes…

Nissan Roadster 370Zki pair Again

Seeing how time treats us during winters, and in certain areas of the country, we must be prepared for what might happen. Whether with a good network of snow machines and skilled workers in combat ice and snow, o bien con un buen sistema de información de estado de carreteras

Merry Christmas hand Ford

As usual, vehicle manufacturers and sports teams usually prepare videos or photos Christmas to wish you happy holidays and happy new year to their customers and fans, and today we bring you the greeting Ford. It's a classic every Christmas, and your videos are, the less curious. Many components…

Tips winter driving safety

Own inclement weather winter can be a great enemy on the road so make sure they do not impact our security drastically, y para ello os vamos a dar unos buenos consejos para que no os pase nada al volante ya que tu seguridad es lo más

Aston Martin Ice

Winter is coming and the weather conditions can play tricks if not we extreme precautions and adapt our driving to them. Rain, snow, ice, wind, storms, low visibility and other adverse factors can be our enemies. First of all caution and if we develop winter driving skills the better. Para ello hay marcas que

6 huskies vs 300 CV's SEAT Leon Cupra

SEAT is debuting with its new León Cupra has 300 CV's and is the most powerful SEAT in the history of the Spanish brand. Such a “airplane” that must be tested in all conditions, including the most extreme. SEAT for this has been its official test driver Jordi Gené…

Super high speed tank

All Engineering and R & D invested in automotive gives many great results that sometimes result in works of art. We are good examples that are worth occur “some” thousands of euros. The automotive industry is one of the industries that is ahead the rest, and aviation…

Marc Marquez ski conquest Cathedral

In times of snow and ski season be seized (when time permits) and enjoy winter in the best way possible. This is what must have thought the Spanish Moto GP champion, his Repsol Honda Moto GP, and as, Red Bull's friends. Definitely a…