The first flying car is already a reality

As we talked a few days ago, hybrid transport solutions allow us to move through different media types, as water and land in the case of quadskis. But it also seems that other options are taking shape in the transport market. Today we will teach you a vehicle that can fly. Podríamos

Volkswagen e-Golf

50 Volkswagen e-Golf to Hamburg

Electric increasingly conscience is more in the minds of Europeans and proof of this are the 50 Volkswagen e-Golf which have been delivered to the German city of Hamburg for improving air quality and reducing noise of the city. La movilidad eléctrica en Alemania está ya pisando fuerte

Great year Volkswagen Motorsport

The farewell Volkswagen WRC team seemed to presage an era of lean in the German mark as referred motorsport, but it was not like that. The brand diversified its knowledge in various categories, who they have paid off especially in this 2017. a decision “future”, they said. With a total of…

SEAT presents the Arona flying over Barcelona

The presentation of a new model is a great event for manufacturers because it involves realizing a new project and give light facing consumers. Also, work behind every pitch is very hard and plentiful, and not always everything goes well, so it is…

Will it be like the tire of the future?

There is always one wonders how things will be in the future, and some current products manufacturers try to anticipate and predict the future as this can make them make a difference with your competitors. Second thought, in the automotive world there are several examples, Renault creating the first mono-volume, Nissan creating the first…

Volvo secretly record at Nurburgring

How difficult it is to break a record, but it is even more beat him and say nothing. The less is curious reaction Volvo Polestar after beating the record of the cathedral engine, and I keep quiet for about a year. In 2016, when the WTCC visited Nurburgring, Volvo Polestar WTCC team is…

FurgoVolkswagen 5

The concentration FurgoVolkswagen record

The Volkswagen is one of the most iconic and as such, concentrations of vehicles tend to be the most spectacular and multitudinous. They are well known to those of Golf or GTI models, but also vans, that every time they are more fashionable. Almost 6.000 fans and 755 vans went to 14th…

Jaguar XE SV Project 8, the end

Collectors vehicles must be rubbing his hands with the growing production of exclusive vehicles by most brands. Special vehicles whose price will go up as time goes by the incredible difficulty of done with them. Jaguar is not far behind and after…

The Kentucky Kid, rest in peace

Unfortunately, today we have to talk about something terrible, as the champion of Moto GP 2006 Nicky Hayden has died after fighting the biggest race of his life for 5 long days at an Italian hospital. El estadounidense fue atropellado en el norte de Italia cuando circulaba en bicicleta con unos amigos

75 million € in Aston Martin's

Inaugurating a new production facility is a milestone for a car brand, and as you will understand we must celebrate. In the case of Aston Martin it has opened its second production plant in the UK in the south of Wales at St Athan. Un acontecimiento importante tanto para la marca como para