Extreme luxury, Mercedes-Maybach SUV

Mercedes-Benz has always been, It is and will be one of the most sought after premium brands in the automobile market, but sometimes their view of the future go even further with absolutely amazing that although models are vehicles, They could well be any other super-luxury item or combination of several of them….

The world's most expensive SUV

Like it or not money rules the world, and have the record for most expensive than it is a plus to sell more. curious, but that's how it is. Many people refer to pay more to have something that is more expensive. Sobran ejemplos en el mundo del

Hyundai Kona, the first electric SUV

Hyundai seems to be sensitized to where it wants to go in the future and its development plan takes shape towards hybrid models even 100 % electrical, as its new Kona, small SUV but that does not pollute. Kona is the first SUV market is 100 % electric. Hyundai…

Lamborghini Urus reaches the pole

As they say usually, “come and kiss the saint”. This is how the Lamborghini Urus arrives, the amazing new creation of the Italian brand. A large SUV to hit the market ahead of his potential rivals and placed in the very “pole position” its segment. Es básicamente lo que hizo el

Range Rover Sport sperm vs. Desafío del Dragon

We know that Land Rover is targeted to any challenge you propose, it has always, and especially in recent years under the control of Tata. We always sell your last challenge is the most difficult they have ever faced. And that's not always true. Pero esta vez no

Interesting comparison of SUV's premium

Willy-nilly, We are always comparing and whoever says that can not lie. Who has not been compared with other? Or who does not evaluate something to try to improve it somehow? At the end we compare all, And every day. In the automotive world we are in the same, who is going to buy a car compared between…

unexpected visit to the Jaguar factory

We put ourselves in situation. Imagine that you work in a factory vehicles as you do every day, striving to make your pieces with optimal quality and your greatest care, and suddenly appears someone you do not expect your production line, and you run out of words. That's what happened to…

Super-half tank, super-half SUV

With a large amount of capital, knowledge gained from other manufacturers, and “base parts” other vehicles can create a brand from scratch supercar. It is what has made Rezvani that began in 2014 in California (United States). A large project with spectacular vehicles like the Rezvani Beast, el Beast…

110 tonnes driven by a Discovery

Towing capacity of vehicles is not usually something that customers look suelan, but sometimes, and as cases can be a big factor in deciding to purchase the vehicle. If that's the case, Land Rover Discovery has proved more than enough ability to drag along…

Range Rover Sport 2018 plug-in hybrid

Electric or hybrid future at least looks like it is getting closer and brands are being prepared for your arrival. Even some already announced that by a certain date or year target number (or even all) their vehicles will have the possibility of being acquired as free models…