Subaru Impreza WRC 97-2000 asphalt

Is there anyone who does not remember the legendary Subaru Impreza WRC? If so touches refresh your memory with this spectacular video. The legendary Japanese car, with Colin McRae at the wheel among other great drivers, They teach us that it is capable of asphalt. Simply incredible, ¿Former days were better than the current World Rally Championship?…

" If you doubt, accelerates "Colin McRae

The public likes such pilots: Gigi Galli

In the world of rallying the public appreciates the best drivers, but especially to those who give the show for his driving style as the legendary Colin McRae, Ken Block o Richard Burns. The Italian Gigi Galli we present al, a real “crazy” I used speed control very well your vehicle….

Colin McRae

Colin McRae in action

Today we post this video in honor of one of the greatest rally drivers. Nothing mas y no less than Colin McRae. If you like rallying you can not miss this video.